Green Earth is a family owned restaurant offering the finest vegan fusion cuisine. The restaurant originated from our deep passion for vegetarian cooking, and the hope to share with all how hearty, healthy and exciting vegan food can be. It is a great way to show compassion to our animal friends and also a very effective way to reduce one’s carbon footprint, from which inspired the name of the restaurant. Our varied menu is sure to please any palate, including dishes from America, Italy, Mexico, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. All are fresh, delicious, and with great flavor.

Green Earth’s goal is to be organic. So, it uses organic ingredients whenever possible or when it’s financially feasible. In addition, all of our take-out materials, from utensils to containers, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Feel at home in this eating place.

Susan D.,

So when I say that Green Earth Vegetarian's spring rolls are the best I've had in this city, I mean it boldly, deliciously!

Devon Scoble,